DMS for Purchase Departments


Kairee DMS provides document management solutions for Purchase Departments in organisations.

The Features and benefits of implementing document management system by Kairee DMS for the Purchase Departments in organisations have been mentioned alongside in the boxes. However, these are just to give You an overview of what can be accomplished. Please get in touch get a comprehensive strategy for your Purchase Department related document management savings.


Windows or Linux?

We provide document management software based both on the Windows and Unix / Linux platforms. We also provide DMS integrations to the most commonly used ERP & CRM systems.

Where in India?

Our head office is in Pune, Maharashtra and we have offices in major cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata.

The physical documents involved in the procurement process can be scanned and uploaded to the document management software that enable the files to be stored, managed controlled, edited and reviewed.

In a document management system different workflows can be created, customised and configured based on the activities like issuing purchase requests, purchase orders, invoice approvals etc. in the procurement department.

All Purchase orders, biils, invoices, quotations and other documents in a documents management system of the purchase department can be archived centrally avoiding the risk of losing or misplacing the important documents.

The document management system enables the documents to be compliant with the regulatory authorities by managing, consolidating and linking the relevant data with the documents in the purchase department. The documents are immediately retrieved during audits or whenever required.

The process of maintaining and consolidation of the documents according to tasks and procedures in the procurement or purchase department is simplified in a document management system.

The purchase records and files are stored centrally with a complete access permitted to the administrator. The administrator can permit a limited and controlled access to the users based on their roles and tasks.

The automation of the procurement driven documents can be configured in the workflows for distribution, reviewing, editing and approving. The process of automation saves the extra time spent on manually circulating the documents.

The document management software can be integrated with the prevailing ERP Software and custom applications currently being used in the procurement department. This enables the procurement files to route from ERPs to the document management software for reviewing and approval.

Document Management Solutions for Purchase Departments

Primarily a purchase or a procurement department generates a purchase order which further leads to the generation of other documents like credit notes, shipment notes, invoices, bills, contracts, agreements, bid invitations, request for quotations, request for proposals etc. These documents have to be secured and protected as they can be legal documents required for generating agreements and other financial contracts. The document management system by Kairee DMS helps the procurement managers to automate and control the procurement tasks such as release and approval of purchase request and purchase orders, analyse the bids, approve invoices, store vendor and buyer information etc. in an organisation.

With the document management software the process of procurement is expedited by eliminating the manual handling of the documents.The process in a document management system involves the paper documents to be scanned and converted to images and then uploaded to the document management system whereas the digital files can be directly uploaded. The documents entered into the system can be stored, shared, archived for future retrieval. Workflows can be created and customised according to the procurement activities and the documents can be automatically routed for reviewing and approval.

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