OpenForms 360  From Nuance

OpenForms 360 integrates electronic and paper form processing into the AutoStore workflow, saving time and effort. This is achieved by the asynchronous design of OpenForms 360 capture and route components.

First in India

Kairee Systems is the First Distributor for Nuance in India and the Only Solutions distributor of Nuance products; Openforms 360 and Autostore in India as of today.

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Openforms 360 is simple yet Efficient

OpenForms360 is a simple and low maintenance data extraction software that helps on capturing forms and processing them with the prevailing infrastructure. This software solution includes different modules that can;


  • Import physical documents and digital data.
  • Execute classification of the content of single page having structured, semi-structured and unstructured content.
  • Extract sensitive data of the business from all the documents by applying;
    • Free-form recognition which is in-built.
    • OCR, IMR and OMR for the reading the data that are printed on machine, hand printed and on the barcodes.
    • Certain rules that are defined for any identified document type.
  • Control extraction and classification with the help of Adaptive Recognition Technology.
  • Execute automated and manual validation of the data extracted.
  • Relocate the extracted data and processed files to different DMS, archive systems and workflows with a superior security.
  • Help in processing the forms remotely through WAN.

The OpenForms360 Advantage

The OpenForms360 system has the following modules:

OpenForms360 Server service

It helps the batches to be dispatched between the OpenForms360 Sitemap Designer recognition system and the OpenForms360 Capture component.

OpenForms360 Route component

Helps in routing the batches from AutoStore capture component to the OpenForms360 server service.

OpenForms360 Capture component

Locates the documents processed by the OpenForms360 sitemap Designer recognition subsystem and sends them to the following AutoStore workflow component.

OpenForms360 Sitemap Designer

Executes the task of form recognition and data extraction.

OpenForms360 Validation

Enables to view, rectify and validate the data extracted.

How the OpenForms360 Solution works

Completely integrated with AutoStore Platform, OpenForms360 is a client-server based solution. As an absolute input management solution it automates the processes of capture, data extraction and delivery of the physical documents to live business applications. The recognition and extraction of data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured digital and physical documents is possible with OpenForms360. The physical documents can be scanned with the help of any AutoStore-supported scanning machines.

With the help of a strong recognition subsystem that use adaptive recognition and upgraded classification technology, the forms are recognised in the system. Once processed, the data which is extracted can be checked and authenticated with the help of OpenForms360 validation station. Based on the business rules applied, the process of authentication can be done manually or automatically.

As the documents revert back to the AutoStore workflow, the process of content recognition and data extraction is fulfilled. At the AutoStore Workflow, the documents can be either processed or administered to the current document or content management system.