DMS for Healthcare Sector

Kairee DMS provides document management solutions for organisations in the healthcare sector.

The Features and benefits of implementing document management system by Kairee DMS for the healthcare sector in India have been mentioned alongside in the boxes. However, these are just to give You an overview of what can be accomplished. Please get in touch get a comprehensive strategy for your hospital or clinic related document management savings.


Windows or Linux?

We provide document management software based both on the Windows and Unix / Linux platforms. We also provide DMS integrations to the most commonly used ERP & CRM systems.

Where in India?

Our head office is in Pune, Maharashtra and we have offices in major cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata.

Medical service providers can align and synchronise data in the documents to give accurate information of the patients.

Documents with sensitive and discreet information about medicinal drugs or research can be secured and protected.

With the help of workflows in the document management system, laboratories and clinicians can automate the process of diagnosis giving faster results to cure the patients.

Documents relevant to the medical and regulatory compliance can be efficiently organized.

The doctors and medical administrative personnel can access patient’s information simultaneously.

The cost of maintaining medicals records can be considerably reduced and response to the patient’s enquiries is expedited.

Document Management Solutions for the Healthcare Sector in India

Kairee DMS supports hospitals and physician clinics by managing their paper-based documents. These documents can be patient’s information record, diagnosis reports, insurance claims, treatment authorising form and documents pertaining to patient’s medical history. With the help of Kairee DMS, these documents can be consolidated into the system for an efficient and error free management.

The diagnostic and clinical laboratories generate physical and digitals documents which can be patient’s diagnosis reports, ultrasound and X-ray images and payment receipts daily. Kairee DMS enables the diagnostic labs to manage their workflow, classify the documents and increase the productivity by facilitating the document management software. The labs linked to the clinics and hospitals can effectively automate flow of documents using the workflow in the system.

Dentists and cosmetologists produce patient’s reports, sample records, patient’s history records, invoices and bills. Document management software implemented by Kairee DMS can help the professionals to link every document patient wise for future retrieval and time management.

Pharmaceuticals industries have to maintain documents with sensitive information like test results, research data and chemical information. These documents have to be complaint with the regulatory authorities. Kairee DMS provides a complete solution for maintaining the sensitive documents by controlling the access of the documents for reviewing and editing. The workflow in the document management system automates the flow of data so that it can be tracked, revised, retrieved and accepted.

Allied health experts like therapists, fitness instructors, dieticians and nutritionists, homeopathic and ayurvedic professionals can benefit from the document management system implemented by Kairee DMS. The documents of the clients of these professionals can be maintained and managed effectively.