DMS for Finance Sector

Kairee DMS has implemented document management solutions for the Finance sector in India.

The Finance sector has enormous benefits of implementing document management systems as most systems and process are data driven which are currently paper based. Therefore converting to a digital system of managing all paper based documents not only improves the bottom-line but also saves time and effort. Here are the main features and benefits of a DMS for the finance sector in India.


Windows or Linux?

We provide document management software based both on the Windows and Unix / Linux platforms. We also provide DMS integrations to the most commonly used ERP & CRM systems.

Where in India?

Our head office is in Pune, Maharashtra and we have offices in major cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata.

The document management system can be integrated with various accounting ERPs and applications for a seamless process of documenting.

The financial services providers have to be regulated and compliant with an array of regulatory authorities and acts and laws. The document management software enables an efficient control and maintenance of files and records.

The sensitive financial documents are protected and secured with limited access permitted to specific users. Audit trail helps in tracing the changes made in documents and transaction records during their activity phase which can be helpful during financial audits.

Finance and accounting files and documents can be easily and quickly searched and retrieved whenever required.

The text or the content from the scanned paper or electronic invoices and other documents can be searched and edited. These types of documents can be protected and changed only by an authorised user.

Invoicing, accounting and other finance based workflows can be created for automated routing of files to different levels for reviewing, editing, approving and other processes.

Document Management Solutions for the Finance Sector in India

The Indian financial sector comprises of insurance companies, commercial banks, non banking financial companies, mutual funds, investment and wealth management companies, stock broking companies, mortgage companies, accountancy firms and other co-operative firms. These financial service providers are paper driven firms with sensitive and discreet information that has to be managed and protected.

With the help of document management system by Kairee DMS, the process of documentation can be streamlined by storing, managing and securing the documents. Using the document management system, papers are scanned and transformed into digital files. These digital files are stored, indexed, managed and automatised to workflows for further business tasks. The electronic files can be easily searched and retrieved quickly to save time. The procedures of a document management system minimises the manual responsibilities of printing and filing paper based documents.

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