File Stream

File Stream Document Management Software is the product of Filestream Limited, a UK based electronic document management company. File Stream DMS has been developed on the Microsoft® technology including MS SQL and .net framework.

Exclusive Distributor – India

Kairee DMS is the exclusive distributor and partner for FileStream products in India.
Kairee DMS has implemented File Stream in more than 10 Companies in India.

We invite You to take advantage of our expertise in implementing File Stream Document Management Solutions in Your organisation.

Management of Filestream, UK along with Kairee team in Pune.

The File Stream Advantage

With File Stream Document Software all the records like scanned images of physical documents, MS Office files and more than 300 other file formats can be filed and indexed in one standard electronic filing structure.

The File Stream Document Management Software has been created by designers having a vast experience in technical and general businesses.It can be securely installed on a local or a cloud based server. The users of File Stream have access to the entire features of the standard program provided the system administrator permits the same, this attribute is not available in many document management softwares.

Manual Tagging, Regional OCR, Global OCR, and Barcode recognition are different methods provided by File Stream in which documents can be filed.The software is user-friendly since it has an advanced integrated scanning interface that allows to generate separate scanning profiles.It offers changeable indexing options like manual tagging and OCR and expert retrieval capabilities for all documents including physical and electronic files.

File Stream Features

The File Stream  Document Management software is very flexible when it comes to the features that an organisation wishes to deploy. When starting out with the initial phases of deployment, the organisation may not require all the available features and functionality provided by the File Stream DMS. Therefore, the product has been a set of standard features and as and when required, an organisation can scale up to the more advanced features. These are as follows;

Standard Features

• Generate Microsoft Documents which can be blank or customised standard template documents that are captured by DMS and are ready for filing automatically.

• Can link files to auto reminders with the help of File Stream DMS’s built-in diary.

• Connect with the other users by sending messages with links to the files avoiding copies generation by emails.

• Assign coloured flags for documents that have tasks involved.

• Create a group of relevant documents by attaching different types of files.

• Assign bookmarks to the documents that frequently used for their quick availability.

Advanced Features

• File Stream Workflow Module: It helps to automate the processes to route and track documents mailed to the permitted users in a stipulated order.
• File Stream Web Module: File Stream DMS can be accessed by its users through a standard web browser.
• File Stream Searchable CD: The non-users of a File Stream DMS can search, view and print the documents downloaded in a searchable CD in File Stream.
• File Stream Advanced OCR Module: Users can generate upgraded OCR Profiles so that different types of documents can be recognised and filed in one cabinet by several index values.
• File Stream Barcode Module: Enables barcode reading and an automatic filing of the documents by the content.
• File Stream Customised CSV / XML Import Module: Unlike generic CSV Import Module, File stream can write customised import modules for specific tasks of importing.