DMS for Education Sector


Kairee DMS has implemented document management solutions for Educational institutes in India.

The Features and benefits of implementing document management system by Kairee DMS for education & training sector in India have been mentioned alongside in the boxes. However, these are just to give You an overview of what can be accomplished. Please get in touch get a comprehensive strategy for your Institute or college related document management savings.


Windows or Linux?

We provide document management software based both on the Windows and Unix / Linux platforms. We also provide DMS integrations to the most commonly used ERP & CRM systems.

Where in India?

Our head office is in Pune, Maharashtra and we have offices in major cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata.

Research material and academic records and studies can be stored and archived in a central location with a limited permission to change and edit the data.

Handling paper documents, storing and securing the paper files, the expenditure on photocopies can be minimised with document management software.

Controlled and limited access to the documents is an advantage in a document management systems ensuring discretion and security.

Alerts and reminders for events and tasks can be created in the workflows.

The document management system can be integrated with the existing software and applications.

A ‘read only’ access can be granted to everyone, ie., all the students in an institution for viewing the commonly shared documents.

The records and documents of educational funds and grants can be managed, revised and reciprocated by the document management system.

Workflows can be integrated to the system in order to automate the distribution of documents for expediting the work processes.

The document management system is compatible with various file formats.

The users can access the documents to view and edit and also can link other documents.

Document Management Solutions for the Education Sector in India

Kairee DMS has been successful in deploying document management software in various major educational institutes and educational trusts. With the help of document management software implemented by Kairee DMS, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutes are able to boost their operational efficiency, reduce the costs and enhance student and faculty vigilance. Document management system enables administrators of schools and colleges to manage physical and digital documents thus taking charge of the same.

The documents like records of students, employees, research, accounts, financial aids and other academic papers have to be highly maintained and preserved. The administrator of the institutes can establish a dominion over these important documents by adopting document management solutions like records management and scanning services offered by Kairee DMS. From students admission forms to financial paper work, all the documents can be transformed in to digital images, indexed according to the metadata and stored centrally with the help of document management software.

The data can be safely stored and shared among registrar, faculties, financial aids and other development offices. In a document management system the student applications, transcripts, certificates, research data, academic material and various other records can be stored in digital folders that are well structured, organised and can be easily managed to increase operational efficacy and performance of the institution.