AutoStore  From Nuance

AutoStore is an award-winning enterprise data capture solution from Nuance Communications, which is an American multinational computer software technology corporation.

First in India

Kairee Systems is the First Distributor for Nuance in India and the Only Solutions distributor of Nuance products; Autostore and Openforms 360 in India as of today.

We invite You to take our First Mover advantage and expertise in implementing Document Management Solutions in Your organisation.

The Autostore Advantage

AutoStore provides intuitive, drag-and-drop workflow automation which is secure & streamlined. The 3 broad functions are as follows;


Autostore’s flexible capture allows physical and digital documents can be captured from almost any electronic device source like a desktop PC/Mac, a network scanner MFP/MFD or copier and also from smartphones.
AutoStore offers support for multifunction, single function, network, and desktop scanning equipment.


With AutoStore, all types of documents including images or forms can be processed into different file formats like text, searchable Adobe PDFs or Microsoft Word.
The documents are processed by OCR, Barcode recognition, authentication and encryption, watermarks, Bates stamping and more.


AutoStore enables the flow of documents quickly to a single or multiple destinations like computer systems, fax applications, line of business application, email, FTP, network folders and archives and also document management systems.

How the Autostore Solution works

AutoStore can automate all the business operations that involve paper documents like invoices, claims, application and order forms. This helps in reducing the costs, enhancing the functional efficiency, improving communication and alliances and complying with the rules and regulations.

Using the in-house infrastructure AutoStore can capture information using the multifunctional devices like smartphones, emails, fax servers, shared digital folders, ftp sites, MicroSoft Office applications, computers, XML data streams and various other sources. Depending on the company’s scheduled workflow the captured data is processed accordingly. These processes include enhancement of the images that are scanned for a readable text, conversion of text into digital data that can be edited and, reading the barcodes which deliver substantial information useful for the future retrieval.

On the completion of the processing, the documents and the keywords explaining the documents are shared in different locations. This database can be faxed, emailed or can be stored in a document management system (DMS), on FTP sites, in secure network folders or multiple destinations at the same time. The entire is executed easily with a single click on the front panel button of the device. The workflow takes place quickly and the information flows to the specific destination quickly and precisely. AutoStore’s customised workflows and personalised MFP menu panels are accountable for these successful processes.

AutoStore Process Designer helps the workflow to be pre-configured and saved to minimise the manual procedures for the end user. This simple facility removes the manual processes and decreases the errors made by the users resulting in precise and well organised document processing.