DMS for Accounts Department


Kairee DMS provides document management solutions for Accounts Departments in organisations.

The Features and benefits of implementing document management system by Kairee DMS for the Accounts Departments in organisations have been mentioned alongside in the boxes. However, these are just to give You an overview of what can be accomplished. Please get in touch get a comprehensive strategy for your Accounts Department related document management savings.


Windows or Linux?

We provide document management software based both on the Windows and Unix / Linux platforms. We also provide DMS integrations to the most commonly used ERP & CRM systems.

Where in India?

Our head office is in Pune, Maharashtra and we have offices in major cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata.

In a document management system the documents like bills, invoices etc can be captured by scanners or any peripherals devices. Once scanned and digitised these documents can be tracked, managed and stored for future retrieval. Digistisation can also reduce manual handling of paper works and the use of papers.

Audit trail, a tracking system can detect the changes done in the accounting documents along with the user information and the dates.

Workflows with tasks can be created for an automated flow of the documents to the various departments in a finance office.The workflows can be interactive with automatic alerts and notifications for the allocated tasks.

All the documents can be consolidated according to the clients, events, tasks and employees simplifying the accounting process.

A limited access of the documents can be permitted to the users. The document management system can enable the administrator to control the access of documents to the specific users. This ensure the security of the sensitive documents like balance sheets, payroll records, invoices, receipts etc. of the clients.

The documents can be managed according to the standards adhering to the norms of the regulatory bodies for finance and accounting audit.

All the accounts files and documents in a database can be archived and stored in a central repository for a back-up. The documents cannot be lost and can be recovered after untimely and uncalled disasters.

The document management system is flexible as it can be integrated with any existing accounting and taxation software.

Document Management Solutions for Accounts Departments

Accounting firm is a single term that defines a wide array of financial and accounting companies that include auditing firms, business advisories or consultants, tax accounting firms, bookkeeping firms, forensic accounting firms and individual charted accountants. These firms handle various types of documents like balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, debit and credits memos, payroll reports, tax return files, invoices, receipts, orders and vouchers. These documents can be both physical and electronic and have to be managed, controlled, secured and available as required.

The document management software implemented by Kairee DMS helps accounting professionals to manage, share, store and automate the documents. The document management systems also enables the documents to be compliant with the regulatory authorities. It ensures discretion of the documents, increases productivity and functional efficiency. With the document management system, the retrieval of any file is simple and quick with just entering the required file name or words in the content of documents. This system not only saves time but also enables clients or accountants, which are not in the network, to access the files.